Alex and Rob Wedding

A rainy day wedding in Central Park, New York.

Sean and Jamie Wedding

This beautiful wedding took place at one of my favorite venues. Wild Wood Family Farms, which is just an incredible location.

Haley and Mark Wedding

On a gorgeous summer day, Haley and Mark's beautiful love story is shared.

Phillip and Morgan Wedding

Morgan and Phillip's wedding take place in the magical Old Salem, NC.

Kylie and Matt Wedding

Kylie and Matt's outdoor wedding in Olivet Michigan, was nothing but blue skies, big smiles and tremendous love.

Kristi and Wajde Wedding

Kristi and Wajde had such an awesome, cultural, and fun wedding.

Jesse and Amber

A special engagement, where I was the gift. Read more about this story.

Gabby and Ryan Wedding

I absolutely loved the elegance of this wedding. Gabby's dress was incredible and the grounds of the venue were beautiful.

Kaleigh Senior Photos

Senior photo session of Kaleigh. Taken on the Lake Shore and near Rockford.

Gresham Senior

Gresham's senior shoot in downtown Grand Rapids, during Art Prize

Morghan Photograph Looking through blinds


Conceptual photography session of Morghan. Using various props of shooting through a box fan, mini-blinds, smoke and lights.

Tori and Rebecca Wedding

On this hot summer day, in a unique location in Brooklyn Michigan, Tori and Rebecca share their love.

Emilia and Luis Wedding

Emilia and Luis' wedding took place in Rochester Hills. We were fortunate enough to photograph on the grounds of the Ford Estate.

Erin and Sam Wedding

Erin and Samantha celebrate their marriage in a rustic backwoods setting with their amazing families. So much emotion was expressed.